A French brand made in Mexico. Olfactory specialists, we create experiences with 100% natural products.

Consolidated as a firm of olfactory architects and scent creators. that open a door to corners of an unknown world.

"The fragance is the most intense way to remember."

Jean Paul Guerlain​

Unique aromatic experiences

Cyprès is a bridge to make our world known through fragrances. inspirational. This is how our voyages collection was born, which is inspired by the most emblematic places on our planet.

Our History

David was born and raised in Paris, spending his summers in Grasse in the south of France among fruits, pollen, fragrances, scents and essences of summer nature, he forged the olfactory architect he is today. With more than 20 years of career he has worked with accounts such as Issey Miyake, Adolfo Dominguez, Jean Paul Gaultier Parfume, Loreal, Louis Vuitton, among others.

In his travels around the world, Europe, New York, and Latin America, for Mexico was born. His vocation for fragrances, his concern for caring for the medio ambiente y por buscar frenar la huella de carbono llevan a Cyprés a convertirse en una marca eco-amigable, utilizando botellas rellenables y sus cajas utilizando papel con certificaciones de foresta responsable.

The insect the cicada was chosen as the symbol of their land, signifying longevity, eternal youth, happiness, transformation, patience, love and teamwork. It has a song that hypnotizes the senses as well as the fragrances of Cyprés.

The cicada personalizes love, in its purest demonstration it is self-love. Pamper yourself with Cyprés.

White Label

Cyprès is a brand that supports the promotion of the local and national economy. Open to creators, brands and companies seeking to promote a premium, solid, high quality and nature-friendly product created with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients with organic elements.

White Label

Bespoke Atelier

We create custom scents, experiences and inspiration. Cyprés collaborates for customization with brands, creators, clients and companies by developing fragrances, textures, colors and inspirational ideas.



We create unique aromas suitable to make your guests feel in an atmosphere of well-being and comfort.



The aromas we create for your guests help to control odors in spaces that are sometimes difficult to control, such as restrooms.


Ensure a natural experience in your clients' treatments with 100% natural products.

Centros de Negocios


Workspaces and businesses require an adequate environment control to be in a job or to close big deals.