“Cyprés brings the world inside you”

David Folgoas is ready to present his new collection “Voyages”, each aroma is composed of: perfume, liquid soap and hand cream, bamboo stick diffusers and candles with their profiles.

Being a sustainable brand at Cyprés we take care of the environment, that is why we thought about developing refills in packaging that affects the environment as little as possible.

The “Voyages” collection captures the essence of different and wonderful corners, both in Mexico and our planet. Letting you be seduced by Les Bouquinistes, this aroma is a tribute to Paris, where it immerses you in the old book market and the flower market, where you can find an immense variety of white flowers. La Serenissima, which evokes the glorious days of the Republic of Venice. As you continue your journey you will also discover a tribute to Mexico and its biodiversity by immersing yourself in Las Coloradas, a label that captures the essence of the beautiful pink lagoons of Yucatán, reflecting their uniqueness and beauty, or enjoy the exuberant freshness of Ahuehuete, the which captures the essence of the majestic trees that rise in the ancestral land of our beloved Mexico. Or El Sargento, a scent that pays tribute to one of the oldest trees in Mexico City, located in Chapultepec. It is considered a sacred tree that takes you to a spiritual portal.

We invite you to travel with us collecting our aromatic creations inspired by the most emblematic places in the world.

Cyprés is living proof that dreams come true, each fragrance is a tangible reminder of what David achieved by materializing his dream, and that our dreams come true.


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